Host a Party

Hosting a Ziggles Pendant Party is easy, fun and rewarding. As a hostess all you need to do
is schedule an hour and half of you time; provide a location; and invite your family, friends,
relatives, neighbors, coworkers or Facebook acquaintances to attend; I’ll do the rest. Parties
are conducted in an easy going, relaxed atmosphere. There is never any pressure to buy, silly
games to endure or quotas to meet; really it’s just a great excuse to get together and enjoy good
company. And here is the best part, as a hostess you earn a percentage of the transactions. That’s
real money, not credit, not products, but actual cash, just for having your friends over and letting
me set a table up in your house.

By hosting a Ziggles Pendant Party, you can go home with a portion of the proceeds.  Here is the breakdown:

You can earn 10% on the first $1-$200 dollars that your party makes.

You earn 15% on the next $201-$500 that your party makes.
You earn 20% on $500 or more that your party makes.

So, if your party makes $350 dollars, you go home with $42.50 in cash!  If your party makes $570, you go home with $79!   You can also use this as credit to purchase your own pendants.  

Set up your Ziggles Pendant party today!  You can contact me through Email:
Give me at call at:

Parties are currently available in the Upper Utah areas, from Provo to Cache Valley and Preston, Idaho area.