Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I need Advice!

I need everyone's advice! I'm trying to decide if I should change my glue-on bails to screw-in bails. Up to this point, I've used the glue-on ones. But, I have run into a few problems with them. First, there is always the chance that the bail will pop-off. I've done some testing and it seems that the adhesive I use doesn't hold up well in hot and humid climates. So, I've started trying out all kinds of adhesives and I can't find anything that has both a strong hold and doesn't break down under humid conditions. I have seriously tried so many things! And nothing seems to work just right yet. The other problem with the glue-on bails is that it covers up part of the letter on the back.
So, with that said, I have been considering using screw-in bails. The nice things with this is that you can see the letter on the back of the pendant and there is less chance of the screw coming out than the bail coming unglued. Another nice thing is that you can use different size chains. To this point, the bails only allow for small size chains. The bad things are I'm not sure the screw-in bails look as nice as the glue-on bails and I would have to include a split ring with each pendant. Also, it may be a bit more work to get the screw-in bails attached.

So, I need your advice as to what you like best! To the right of my blog is a poll. Please vote! I need feedback! The picture below shows the 2 types of bails. The first 2 pendants are the glue-on bails, the next 2 pendants are the screw-in bails.